Ashland Kentucky

Ashland Kentucky

Ashland Kentucky is located on the northeastern edge of the state. The largest city in Boyd county, Ashland had at last count (2003) a population of 21,491, down from 23,622 in 1990. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians on the Ohio River, Ashland was first known as Poages Settlement after the Scotch-Irish founders in the early 18th century. In 1847 the name was changed to Pollards Mill when the Pollards Mill Post Office opened. The Kentucky Iron, Coal, and Manufacturing Company renamed the city after the Lexington home of Henry Clay, Ashland. The town is located on the state boarder in the tri-state Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia. Though a small town, it’s just a twenty minute drive from Ashland, to either the pristine beauty of a local state park, or the excitement of the big city.

Located in the Eastern Coal Field region of the state, Ashland offers it’s residents and visitors camping, fishing, hiking, caving, swimming, horseback riding, and canoeing, golfing, and the Ashland Tennis Club is one of the best in the state. The Paramount Arts Center is an Art Deco building restored with many of the original furnishings and fixtures. Central Park is 47 acres of wooded beauty in the middle of downtown Ashland. A bandstand located in the park is a great place for music lovers to attend concerts. The Highlands Museum & Discovery Center, promotes local artists, and displays objects from regional life from the Native American Indians to World War II. Nearby Greenbo Lake offers many outdoor activities as well, such as fishing, hiking, and camping.

The Winter Wonderland of Lights, is a multi-community celebration with the neighboring communities of Ashland, Catlettsburg, Flatwoods, Greenup, Russell, Worthington and Wurtland, Ky., participating. The Wonderland starts the week prior to Thanksgiving and ends New Years Day. With 45 displays, and over three quarters of a million lights, Ashland’s Central Park is the focal point, and the starting spot for the biggest Christmas Parade in the Tri-State area. Other area celebrations include Old Fashion Days, Summer Motion, and Poages Landing Days.
Ashland is very aware of the need for jobs for it’s residents, and residents for it’s jobs.

One thing Ashland looks to be very serious about is attracting business and Industry.

The Ashland Alliance is made up of forward thinkers from Ashland, Greenup County, and Boyd County. The Ashland Alliance has done extensive studies on job opportunities not only in Ashland, or within the Alliance, but in a 60 mile radius in the tri-state area encompassing all possible workers. AK steel, and Marathon Oil are the largest employers in the city, but Ashland is not satisfied, they offer excellent incentives for new businesses to move in. Starting a business in the area is made easier by loans, shell buildings, in a beautiful new industrial park, the lowest power costs of any state in the country, an educated, productive work force, loans, and tax incentives. They also have a plan to keep existing businesses up and running. The river city shipping, railroads, and good highways combine to make this an up and coming industrial area. The Ashland Police Department will even escort business people to the bank to make deposits, even though crime is just about non-existent there.

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